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Welcome to the art of wedding photography

This blog is here to inspire my clients and educate the world about the art of wedding photography and how and why I love to create award-winning wedding photography that makes my clients feel amazing as I showcase their beauty and personalities under exceptional circumstances.

Having worked in the wedding industry for over a decade, shooting in locations that stretch as far as the Scottish Highlands to Switzerland, my knowledge of photography is vast. As an international speaker, judge and mentor, I want to pass this knowledge on to the world and my clients to encourage a deeper appreciation of the art of wedding photography.

As the page fills with inspirational blogs and knowledge, I hope my readers will come on a journey with me. From the moment of contact, I am here to help and give tips on how to look incredible on your wedding day and get the most out of your wedding photography.

Welcome to Fiona Elizabeth Photography - creating inspirational photography for you.


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