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Capturing bridal preparation... Easy?

As photographers, we must work quickly under pressure in busy and often disorganised situations.

Here is a scenario for you - can you imagine walking into a small hotel room where serval women are having their hair and make done, music on, Champagne flowing, clothes, shoes and make-up everywhere? It sounds like I'm walking into my teenager's bedroom, minus the Champagne! As blissfully happy as this moment is, bridal preparation can be chaotic.

So how do we manage in such circumstances? How do we control our environment to create breathtaking photography? We need to learn to think outside the box; in this case, we need to think outside the room!


As photographers, we have an innate ability to photograph anywhere where they may be good light and interesting backdrops; we don't have to stay in one location; in fact, it can be much easier to take our brides away from the noise and clutter, creating beautiful bridal portraits for her some other than the room she is getting ready in.

This works exceptionally well if the hotel room is small. In the past, when I have been working in small and crowded rooms or where the light is just too poor, I source another room, a corridor or a stairwell. These sound like terrible locations, but anywhere is possible if the light is good.

This sassy portrait of my bride is the perfect example. The room where Katie was getting ready was small and busy. Taking her out and photographing this striking portrait isolated her in the environment, but the light that flooded down on her lit her and her bump beautifully.


Similarly, the portrait below was taken in the corner of a hotel room. I chose this location because the light flooding was incredible, and on this occasion, my bride's groom was getting ready in the hotel, too, so we were restricted in where we could work. Several bridesmaids were still getting ready in the same room, which meant the room was untidy and cluttered.

I had to find an area which isolated my bride, and this plain, blank narrow wall was perfect!

For me, this is the best part of being a wedding photographer. This is where the true talent lies, and being able to create stunning wedding photography in any given location is the best gift I can give to my couples.

If you would like to learn more about me and my services, please don't hesitate to get in touch; I would love to hear more about your wedding day and your expectations for your wedding photography.



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