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Wedding Photography is more than stealing a moment. It's creating an experience you will cherish for a lifetime.


From bridal portraits to your first dance,
I will be with you, capturing beautifully crafted wedding photography.

Photography has become one of the most accessible creative mediums of our time. The selfie has much to answer for; however, how do you want to be seen on your wedding day? What memories do you want to have captured? And when you look back on your wedding some five, ten, twenty years later, what will your photography and your wedding portraits say about you? How do you want to look? How do you want to be seen?

Feel at ease is how we create exceptional wedding photography 

It's great that everyone has a camera and can capture candid moments that will be shared on social media and forgotten about in a flash, but wouldn't you want to have something more precious and memorable to cherish? Wouldn't you want to look incredible in the dress you have spent thousands on? How handsome do you want to look on your day?

Did you also know that a family with photos and memories around the home thrives because there is a constant reminder of how great you are together?



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Jade Miles

Westerham Golf Club Kent

My husband and I are absolutely over the moon with our album! They were truly stunning from start to finish, and I would highly recommend Fiona Elizabeth to all my friends and family. Photos we will cherish for a lifetime x

Natasha Gothard

Hever Castle Kent

Thank you so much for your guidance, professionalism and expertise throughout our venue reccy and wedding day, Fiona. From the shoes to the “golden hour” sunset pictures, our photos are so timeless that we will be able to look back on our day with the same happiness that you captured so elegantly.

Hever Kent
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