The Intimate Wedding Experience

With COVID-19 tearing up the rule book and replacing it with something new and unsettling, what are we faced with? Everything that we took for granted has been replaced with concern and what-ifs? How we work, how we travel and now play, but how deep is your love?


With Beatrice & Edoardo getting married over the weekend dreams of big weddings are slipping away and being replaced with small and intimate gatherings of 30 people, including suppliers, i.e the photographer. All socially distancing of course. For some this is devastating to the point that they cancelling their plans, but wait, there are benefits to these new rules, we just need to think outside the box.

The essential part of any wedding day is the moment we say ‘...I do.’ The anticipation and excitement leading up to that moment is everything. For the bride it will always be the same, it will always be about the dress. For the groom, it is that moment he sees his beautiful bride. The adrenalin is overwhelming and nothing else matters.


The rest of the day is of course about celebrating this union and that is something that COVID can not stop. The intimate wedding experience is now something of a bonus. Let’s start with the mundane and practical. The cost, we can no longer invite our whole and extended family and friends with + plus ones added to the mix. From feeding the hundreds we are now feeding two dozen, suddenly a wedding day is no longer about five-digit numbers but more like four.

The pressure and intimidation that large weddings bring will become less. There will be less to worry in terms of catering, table decoration to plan, create and arrange. We won’t need to worry about who is going to sit where, or family feuds spoiling the day. The pressure of the day will be reduced by a great deal, allowing our small intimate wedding day to be picture perfect & romantic.


One common factor with all weddings is that the day rushes by. There is no time to stop and take it all in. All the effort that makes the backdrop to our wedding day is lost in a whirl of emotion and excitement - thank god for photography!

With our new COVID wedding plans, our intimate wedding will run at a more relaxed pace. The pressure of greeting 100 or so guests have gone. We can now actually take the day at a slower pace soaking up the excitement and enjoy being with our immediate family and closest friends.

So what will your wedding backdrop look like? With the money saved, we can go to town with our imaginations. Just because we can’t have a big wedding day, that doesn’t mean we can’t dream big! How often do we see the most stylish of wedding settings in magazines or websites, where we are wowed by the imagination of flowers, fauna, lighting, chair ties, all the way down to the china and glassware.

If I were getting married tomorrow, I would embrace the intermit wedding. I would invest in my wedding dress; I wouldn’t hold back here. Oh, my shoes!


I would welcome my florist, dressing my table with the most delicate of flowers, using the most elegant of tableware. Whether I would be getting married in the summer or winter, I would invest in candles and lighting. I would set the table for the wedding breakfast to be the most romantic of settings, allowing all my guests to soak up the atmosphere creating a day that no one would forget.

With such an investment, I without a doubt I would invest in my photography. I would want my photographer to reflect my imagination of the day with the artistic photos they can create. Already my mind is a buzz of imagery for the right person looking to embrace the intermit wedding day. With a little more time on our hands, we can make photography even more special.

Even for the most camera-shy of brides and grooms, we can spend time crafting beautiful wall art. Wedding photography is an experience and a reflection of who we are, so use your photographer to create something more than you would expect, use your photographer to capture and create images that no one else can.

The intermit wedding is more than just a dream; it is a reality. We have the budget and imaginations to create a show-stopping settings that allows us to share our love with our closest and dearest family and friends. COVID weddings are now an intermit experience where we can afford to let our imagination rule.


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