Do we really need to win Awards?

What is the draw about winning awards, is it the pull of the excitement? Most definitely! The recognition among our piers, certainly. Awards parties - top of the list! But it is also so much more. Working towards creating award winning imagery is what defines us as photographers.

I am in a very fortunate position being a wedding photographer. My job is to produce top quality photography for my clients that they will love and cherish. The only downside to being a wedding photographer is the market is saturated and for this reason it is important to aspire to create photography that stands out.

The wave of digital photography has made the entry level into social photography, both portraits and weddings, pretty low. Unfortunately what this has created is a market place that is a flood of photographers who are very similar in style and price, which puts huge pressure on already well established and establishing photographers. It is for this reason I believe it is important to push ourselves creatively, using awards as motivation and reward, to create work which is unique, innovative whilst remaining timeless.

Jenilee Silver BIPP SE Awards 2017

Creating work for our clients that has a WOW factor, defines our style, helping us to form signature images that sets us apart from one another.

Having just been involved as a print handler at the SWPP, Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers convention in London this month, I can safely say it is not easy to win awards, far from it, but that is not to say we should shy away from the challenge, as the challenge forces us to see things differently, to understand light, composition, pose and more. To me these are the elements that make for stunning wedding photography.

Since I started photographing weddings in 2010 I have always wanted my clients to have the best photography that I can create, making my brides and grooms feel and look amazing. So much time is invested into finding the perfect dress, which is complimented by hair and make up as well as other details such as the veil, jewellery shoes and flowers. With all of these factors coming together I want my brides to feel amazing.

The grooms are not left out either, creating striking images that will sit next to each other in beautifully in printed wedding albums, which will be cherished for generations.

To answer my question do we really need to win awards? My answer is yes! To push ourselves creatively and personally will keep our business and style innovative in a crowded market place as well as define us as individuals where at times our industry can be homogeneous.

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