Having returned from Calais’s Jungle in 2017 after shooting a photographic essay on how it was to live and survive in such a destitute place, Fiona wanted to concentrate on a project closer to home.

As Britain faces a housing crisis, Fiona wanted to address the issue.  On researching the project, it soon became apparent that the country was littered with empty, derelict houses. 


These houses would have been family homes at one point, and now they were discarded and left to rot.   Fiona wanted to highlight the loss of what would have been homes filled with love and promise.  Atrophy was born.

Using models covered in white face paint, then clay, they began to resemble their surroundings.  The girls became the souls of the house, depicting the pain and sorrow of these empty homes.


This project went on to see Fiona receive her Fellowship in photography with The British Institute of Professional Photography.